LifeGroups Are …

Good stuff for Adults (because community is essential!)

Welcome to LifeGroups, Mosaic’s small group ministry for adults. To become healthy, committed followers of Jesus, we need the love, care and guidance of other faithful people. When you join a LifeGroup, you will find people who love Jesus and who will love you well.

LifeGroups offer:

  • a stable, predictable, dependable group to do life with.
  • a semester system that provides clear start and end dates, as well as breaks between semesters so you get some downtime.
  • quality leadership, solid studies, and a safe place to learn and grow spiritually.
  • a place at the table
  • a place to connect with others like you.
  • a place to love, learn, and live to welcome and advance the Kingdom of God.


  • Groups meet in homes and at Mosaic throughout the week.
  • Wednesday night groups meet at Mosaic and are family focused. Childcare is provided on Wednesdays, and activities are scheduled for elementary, middle and high school students.


LifeGroups are open to any adult above high-school age. You don’t have to attend Mosaic to attend a group. Our goal is discipleship, not membership.

LifeConnections offer:

Our mentoring initiative is one-on-one discipleship for anyone (adult or student). A very basic training is provided, connections are made for you, and the term of each LifeConnection is limited to a few weeks. The point is to walk with someone for a season for the purpose of spiritual growth.

For More:

Heather Hill
Director of Community Life
Phone: 470.349.9255

Cultivating Community

This semester, a new theme has emerged, and we are moving into the deeper things of God.  Things like healing, prayer, and worship.  It is exciting to watch God move among us.  And as the people of God, when He moves we move.  Make sure you don’t miss what He’s doing among us.  LifeGroup sign-ups are happening the month of April with groups starting in May and June.  Find a group and get connected!

Group Day Time Ages Locations Location Topic Childcare? Status
Men’s Monthly Breakfast (Meets the LAST Sunday of the month) Sunday 8:00-8:50am 0+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 12 No Open
The Hebrew Language Monday 1:00-2:15pm 21+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 12 The Foundation No Open
Ministering To The Lord Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm 18+ Main Campus Main Campus - Worship Space No Open
Redeemed Sexuality Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm 21+ Main Campus - Room 1 No Open
The Book of Matthew Wednesday 6:00-7:45pm 18+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 3 Yes Open
War Room (Intercessory Prayer) Thursday 9:00-10:00am 21+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 1 Prayer No Open
Bags-N-Hugs Thursday 9:30-11:00am 21+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 12 No Open
Encounter The Spirit Thursday 6:30-8:00pm 21+ Main Campus Main Campus - Room 1 No Open

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