Love God. Learn his story. Live your story.

Mosaic exists to make healthy, committed followers of Jesus Christ, by teaching them to love God, learn His story, and live to welcome and advance God’s Kingdom.

That’s our mission. We want you to go someplace spiritually — finding a loving relationship with him, understanding his story and how it fits into your story. If you’re ready to grow, Mosaic is a great place to start.

Do you know JAC?


Jesus is at the center of everything we do.  Which, since we are a church, would seem like an obvious thing, until you begin to count how many times that one statement causes us to say no. We’re realizing that it is a counter-cultural thing to do but if Jesus isn’t the goal, then it is probably not for us.


All people matter. We want to love and value those Jesus loves and values. The people Jesus hung out with on earth … those are our people, too.


Community is essential. Ours is not a “lone ranger” mission. We promote small groups, recovery groups, mission and ministry teams, because we believe healing, mission, spiritual formation and leadership development best happen in the context of community.

We believe these values are not only life-changing but world-changing, so they are the values that guide our choices and trajectory at Mosaic.